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Infoprint 4100 Advanced Function Printing System

IBM Infoprint 4100 Advanced Function Printing System For expanded specifications, visit ibm.com/printers/4100
System Attachments S/370™ Parallel, S/390® ESCON® , FICON Channel; Token-Ring; 10/100 BaseT, Gigabit Ethernet
AFP Software Support Print Services Facility™ (PSF™) for OS/400®, PSF for z/OS and OS/390,
Infoprint Manager for AIX®, Infoprint Manager for Windows®
Standard Features Enhanced Operator Console, operator-switchable resolution (480 or 600 dpi) and paper path (pin-fed and pinless1),
impositioning support, 256-level grayscale simulation of AFP color objects, SNMP support, Pre-/Post-processing
Interfaces, flat-panel touch-screen GUI, keyboard and mouse, one system attachment
Options Operator switchable speed, Forms Identification, Signature Page, additional or advanced
Pre-/Post-processing Interfaces, UP3i interfaces, second attachment, performance upgrade, additional Customer
Changeable Developer, dynamic two-channel switching, internal stacker
Physical Characteristics Length: 92" to 94" (2,336 mm to 2,387 mm); Depth: 40" (1,016 mm); Height: 61" (1,550 mm);
(per engine) Weight: HD1, PD1, HD3 — 2,620 lb. (1,191 kg); HS1, HS2, PS1, HD2, PD2, HD4 — 2750 lb. (1,250 kg)
Power Requirements 208/220/230/240 VAC/60 Hz, 3-phase, 4-wire; 380/400/415 VAC/50 Hz, 3-phase, 5-wire,
200/220 VAC/50 Hz or 60 Hz, 3-phase, 4-wire. Voltage determined by country standards.
Models HS2 and HD3/HD4 also require a 250 volt/10 amp power supply.
Power Consumption (estimated) 60 Hz/50 Hz Sleep mode Ready mode Printing with 20 lb. paper
HS1, PS1, HD1/HD2, PD1/PD2 1.8kVA 3.6 kVA 9.6 kVA
HS2, HD3/HD4 1.4kVA 3.4 kVA 12.9 kVA
Environmental Conditions
Permitted ranges Temperature: 60.8° to 84.2°F (16° to 29°C); Relative Humidity: 20% to 80%
Optimal ranges Temperature: 65° to 75°F (18° to 24°C); Relative Humidity: 40% to 60%
Acoustics 50/60 Hz–8.8 bels (operating) or 7.8 bels (idle)

The IBM Infoprint® 4100 Advanced
Function Printing System is a nextgeneration
digital publishing and
production output solution. This
continuous forms printer can produce
the high image and text quality
traditionally available only from
cutsheet solutions, and prints on a
wide range of paper. In addition, the
Infoprint 4100 provides the highest
speed for electrophotographic printers
and allows users to produce more
output with fewer devices and less
operator time.



Industry-leading 600-dpi image quality
Prints true 3-up (with trim and buffer) 6" x 9" pages at up to 1400 impressions per minute
Extra-wide format (19.5" paper width; up to 19" print width) can reduce total cost of printing
Technologically advanced features enhance and streamline productivity

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