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●A revolutionary, proven high-end diskstorage system designed for data growthand unmatched ease of use
●Consistent high performance withouthotspots, enabled through massive parallelism and self-tuning
●Extra performance boost option throughup to 6 TB of management-free solidstate drive (SSD) caching
●High reliability and availability via fullredundancy, self-healing and unprece-dented rebuild speed
●Low TCO enabled by high-density storage, simplified planning, cost-freefeatures and low-touch management
●Virtualized storage, easy provisioning and flexibility for optimized virtual envi-ronments and cloud services


 The IBM®XIV®Storage System series supports these contrasting goals. Proven, high-end disk storage used by thousands of enterpriseorganizations worldwide, XIV design is the result of listening to cus-tomers and addressing their storage challenges across the broadest spec-trum of business applications. The XIV series offers highly affordablestorage suitable for even the most demanding workloads, providing consistent tier 1 high performance and high reliability at tier 2 costs.Never compromising performance for reliability, the XIV grid architec-ture deploys massive parallelism to allocate system resources evenly at alltimes and scale seamlessly, without the need for complex, time-consumingtuning and configuration


●Smart maintenance and hot upgrades:XIV storage sup-ports live maintenance, avoiding the need for planned down-time. Maintenance of disks and modules is performed whendata is at full redundancy, avoiding risk introduced by humanerror. The system also supports nondisruptive upgrades of thesystem software (microcode), allowing application services tocontinue uninterrupted.

●Reliable backup and recovery:XIV storage uses host-basedAPIs to integrate with backup and recovery software. It sup-ports Microsoft VSS technology for seamless backup andrecovery of Windows platforms. XIV snapshots used with theadvanced snapshot management capabilities of IBMTivoliStorage FlashCopy®Manager enable fast application-awarebackups and restores. XIV storage combines with TivoliStorage Manager to enable near-instant space-efficient snap-shots with no perceivable impact on application performance.

●Business continuity:The system is specifically engineeredfor business continuity. The XIV synchronous and asynchro-nous replication, clustering and restoration capabilities facili-tate the implementation of a highly resilient IT infrastructurethat can survive the failure of an entire data center withoutjeopardizing data access.
Revolutionary ease of management
The IBMXIV Storage System provides fully virtualized storagedesigned to eliminate the need for performance tuning, plan-ning for capacity and performance growth and numerous otherstorage management activities. The highly intuitive XIV graph-ical user interface (GUI) and built-in management tools makeadministrative tasks easy and efficient, with little training orexpertise required, from provisioning volumes to monitoringmultiple systems. A powerful command line interface (CLI)supports complex scripting. The unified console enables one-stop centralized administration of multiple XIV systems. Its exceptional flexibility extends to mobile devices, giving usersthe flexibility of performance and capacity monitoring via theApple iPhone and Apple iPad.

Get ready, get set ... CLOUD!
Supporting private and public cloud goals requires infrastructurecomponents that tightly and seamlessly integrate with virtual archi-tectures and the performance-heavy applications that run on them.XIV storage elicits the power of cloud computing with unique characteristics:

●Elasticity:Agility in handling dynamic provisioning patternsacross mixed workloads and resource sharing across multipletenants●Ease of management:Minimized provisioning, with rich trackingoptions for billing used capacity

●Virtualization:Performance-enhancing affinity with VMware,including vCloud, and other hypervisors●Superb TCO:Exceptionally low cost per TB enhanced by high-density drives, optimal capacity utilization, power, cooling andfootprint savings, and space-saving snapshotsThe XIV system enhances cloud deployment by offering superbservice levels at reduced costs.

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