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Accelerate database performance by up to 3.2 times1 with next-generation, IBM® DS8870 High-Performance Flash Enclosure
Optimize performance with all-flash and hybrid-flash configurations for fast transaction processing and real-time operational analytics
Deliver continuous data availability with full hardware redundancy and advanced business-continuity
Maximize performance and costs with new drive options, IBM Easy Tier® and other self-optimizing features
Consolidate storage with high scalability, automated quality-of-service management, self-tuning performance, automated tiering and support for many platforms and application workloads

Smarter storage, such as IBM DS8870, can help organizations spend less time managing storage and more time exploring ways to exploit data to grow their businesses. Quick and reliable data access is the driving force behind important data initiatives such as cloud, business analytics, and mobile computing, and the sixth-generation DS8870 system sets the standard for what an enterprise storage system should be with extraordinary performance, reliability and agility.

As the latest model in the IBM DS8000® series, DS8870 can bring simplicity to your data architecture with self-optimizing performance for both random and sequential application workloads for the mainframe and an extensive variety of distributed server platforms. And with the agility and automation to manage all these workloads simultaneously, DS8870 can greatly reduce the challenge of managing your increasingly complex storage environment as your business requirements change.
The logical choice

To support your most demanding, business-critical applications, DS8870 combines rock-solid resiliency and intelligent flash performance to deliver consistent microsecond application response times.1 The ability to select from all-flash, hybrid-flash or traditional disk configuration options gives the confidence needed to support the dynamic applications that sit at the heart of your business. To that end, DS8870 delivers a range of self-tuning features—such as intelligent caching algorithms, automated quality-of-service management and advanced storage tiering that can even optimize data placement between itself and the enterprise servers attached to it. DS8870 also boasts world-class high availability and exclusive integration with IBM enterprise servers that deliver extraordinary value. For organizations seeking an ideal combination of performance, high availability, resilience and agility, DS8870 is a logical choice.

DS8870 is a high-performance, high-capacity, secure storage system designed to deliver the highest levels of performance, flexibility, scalability, resiliency and total overall value for the most demanding, heterogeneous storage environments.


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The IBM 3584 UltraScalable Tape Library provides a highly scalable, automated tape repository combining proven IBM automation technology and high-performance IBM LTO Ultrium tape drives for the mid-range to enterprise open systems environment. The 3584 is suitable for use in network attached storage implementations, such as backups, and mass storage archives where multiterabyte capacities are required. The 3584 offers outstanding retrieval performance with typical cartridge move times of less than 3.0 seconds for a two frame library. Customers can tailor the library to match their system capacity and performance needs from 14 TB to 248.1 TB (28 TB to 496.2 TB with 2:1 compression), using up to seventy-two IBM LTO Ultrium tape drives.
Features of the 3584 UltraScalable Tape Library include:
SAN Ready Multi-Path Architecture
Patented Multi-Path architecture supports sharing by homogeneous and heterogeneous open systems servers. The 3584 can be partitioned into one to seventy-two logical libraries.
Six Frames, Scalable Capacity
Scalability from one to six frames, providing a broad range of drive and storage capacities.
Support for IBM LTO Ultrium Tape Drives
IBM LTO Ultrium tape drives offer data rates up to 30 MB/second per drive using 2:1 data compression. Aggregate sustained data rates of up to 7.8 TB/hour with 2:1 compression allow extremely high data transfer performance. Data cartridge capacity is 100 GB in native mode and 200 GB in compressed mode.
Open Systems Server Support
Native device driver support is included for AS/400®, IBM AIX®, Sun Solaris, HP-UX, Windows NT™, and Windows™ 2000.

EMC Symmetrix DMX
Enterprise storage for critical data and applications
The EMC Symmetrix DMX delivers scalable capacity and performance to consolidate systems, applications, and/or hosts while maintaining high service levels. Incrementally scalable packaging facilitates the online addition of independent storage bays. The Direct Matrix infrastructure accommodates non-disruptive addition of disk directors enabling increased performance when needed.

EMC DMXseries 1


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