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JaBackup Mobile Centre

Backup Mobile Center "CPU Shield".

CPU Service offers a service of providing and maintaining the backup center to protect your company against the consequences of failure in primary center. "CPU Shield" provides reliability by:

• Multilevel redundancy /backup/ of all power, communication and monitoring systems that are deployed from a project level to a center stage of collocation and equipment's administration.
• 24/7/365 conducted by a team of professionals residing in the data center which is subject to the supervision of the correctness and infrastructure's security.
• Rigorous safety procedures and regular infrastructure testing.

The benefits for our customers are as follows:

• Guarantee of business continuity - in case of emergencies backup data center is prepared to immediately take over functions. In case of unexpected failure, "CPU Shield" provides the continuity of work and allows access to the valuable company's data.
• Minimum expenses - in order to ensure adequate security of company there is not need to incur costs associated with construction of own reserve center.
• Flexibility - we provide solutions designed to your company needs.


 The whole idea is based on the mainframe-class equipment, which is extremely original and unique solution wordwide. With progressive minimization of computer devices it was possible to fit this type of equipment in a relatively small container. The heart of the CPU Shield is the latest IBM zSeries processor, that we are scaling accordingly. We give to it certain computing power adapted to size and needs of a particular customer. In addition, the container is equipped with enterprise-class disk arrays with high capacity up to 300 TB, which can score huge amounts of data. Moreover, it comes with group of routers protecting IT connectivity. Our container can be used and applied in all conditions, even in combat. It has its own power generator, battery pack and air conditioning. It is also extremely durable - it can even be throw from plane. But we do not plan to bring such solutions...


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