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CPU Service

is an independent provider for: hardware, Linux operating system and "open source" software. Company provides support for the hardware and software of IBM zSeries mainframe class platform as well as following systems: z OS, ZVM, Linux.

Currently, for 3150 Linux applications (available for zSeries system) more than 1000 are derived from independent companies. Linux's customers can run inter alia: IBM DB2 and Oracle's Database or SAP applications.

Taking into account both: applications from independent providers and open source packages, it turns out that customers and partners can benefit from more than 3000 applications for Linux for zSeries system. Many partners work for the Enterprise Linux for zSystem, such as: Computerworld, Infinity, MSI Systems Integrators, Mainline, PROFI AG, Sirius and Vicom Infinity. In the past 10 years, many customers from all over the world have implemented Linux on IBM mainframe zSeries system. These include: Bank of Russia, BlueCross BlueShield of Minnesota, Boston University, Casas Bahia, Deutsche Rentenversicherung from Baden-Württemberg, Dundee City Council, EBS Building Society, EFIS, Gruppo API, County of Miami-Dade, Nationwide Insurance and the University of Arkansas. In Poland Linux is used on mainframe computers by major IT companies, non-ferrous metals producers, universities and government institutions.

CPU Service offers:

• Software like Tux linux 1 System z/OS.e for IBM's zSeries servers;
• Systems and equipment's outsourcing;
• SUSE Linux, Red Hat and Ubuntu operating systems on all hardware platforms (including IBM zSeries).

z/OS.e is a version of z/OS, which offers a selection of features adjusted to zSeries servers's needs. Z/OS.e provides the same hardware functionality of the type zSeries BC servers as z/OS which includes:

• Quality of service, management, reporting and reliability at the level comparable to z/OS;
• Effective work using existing qualifications and service procedures for z/OS' systems;
• The ability to run applications written only in Java, Enterprise Java (J2EE) and C / C ++ at a lower cost;
• Support for zAAP (zSeries Application Assist Processor).

It is important to note that z/OS.e system can not be use for some of the traditional tasks.

The combination of z/OS.e operating system with zSeries BC servers provides flexibility in terms of total cost of ownership of hardware and software, which many customers wanted. z/OS.e system helps to take a decision on transferring new tasks to the mainframe platform. Carrying out tasks such as handling Web applications and supporting ERP systems's database on this platform can reduce total cost of ownership of IT systems.


Open innovation platform

With the OpenPOWER Foundation, continuous innovations and capabilities are delivered through an open server ecosystem based on POWER8. An open and collaborative community provides clients best-of-breed services and applications.
New! IBM Power System S824L

Run Java applications faster on a scale-out system with NVIDIA's GPU, the first solution borne of the OpenPOWER Foundation.

PowerKVM and PowerVC
Manage a wider range of systems, storage, networking devices and Linux versions with increased support for OpenStack integration.

Linux on Power Systems
Easily develop, build and migrate applications and services from x86 environments with little endian support.



 Carrying out tasks such as handling Web applications and supporting ERP systems's database on this platform can reduce total cost of ownership of IT systems.

Our offer also includes :
• Support for the "open source" software;
• Software for the hardware operating system platform and IBM zSeries mainframe application;
• Software for mass printing;
• Basted on Linux operation system and "open source" software, licensed by RICOH own InfoPrint Solucions;
• Infoprint Manager for high-circulation printing systems;
• Software "browser" and IBM3270 terminal emulator with Polish characters based on "thin client" devices;
• Program for Commune Offices in terms of population registers for PESEL and mikroPESEL.

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