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CPU Service

Libraries, servers and storages service.

About us

CPU-SERVICE is a company founded by Zbigniew Maryniak in 1991. From 1992, a family-owned civil partnership, then a registered partnership of Anna and Zbigniew Maryniak, and from 2013, Limited liability company. From 2016, led by Arkadiusz Maryniak. As part of its operations, CPU Service offers:

  • IT systems and solutions for storing, managing and protecting data collected in the company's IT systems;
  • Consolidation and extension of "Mainframe" systems and mass storage of the "Enterprise" class.
  • Integration of hardware and software solutions of manufacturers: IBM, EMC, HITACHI, HP, DELL, SUN.
  • The company runs its own reliable technical service with established reputation in Europe.
  • The delivered computer equipment is assembled in the CPU-Service laboratory and configured to individual order, following the recipient's recommendations, according to specially developed remarketing technology.

25 years of experience in the server service and supply of professional computer equipment and IT technologies.

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Arkadiusz Maryniak

Our company provides a reliable service that you can always rely on.

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CPU Service

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The company has a dedicated area for testing and repairing server hardware.