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Enterprise Storage

Disk space provided by enterprisial disk systems.

  • IBM XIV and DS8000 Family
  • HPE NonStop, 3PAR, EVA

IBM® System Storage® DS8000® are high-performance, high-capacity and secure systems designed for high availability and overall usability in the most demanding heterogeneous storage environments. The benefits of using this type of machines include: support for OLTP applications; automated optimization of IBM Easy Tier ™ performance; excellent functions of remote replication and copying; innovative self-encrypting drives; cooperation with heterogeneous server platforms; flexible configuration options and high scalability allowing consolidation of storage in a multi-level architecture.

EMC V-MAX / DMX disk solutions like the DS8800 series devices are simple, reliable and highly flexible in integration with the Mainframe platform, and their high scalability allows you to expand the matrix to 8 disk cabinets equipped with 256 disks each.

HPE NonStop, a high-performance and reliable system adapted to continuous operation, thanks to total redundancy and a characteristic construction based on blade solutions C7000 provide high computing power and comprehensive support for many applications.

IBM XIV created to work in open systems, provide high disk capacity and high data security, characterized by a friendly graphical interface and simplicity of use, enabling connection to almost any system platform.


IBM XIV arrays - currently in the CPU Service offer.

The IBM XIV Storage System has been designed in a completely innovative way. This is the first machine on the market built in a distributed architecture (grid architecture). The system consists of a maximum of 15 modules working in parallel.

The new architecture combined with functional software and new, dedicated and proprietary management, maintenance and monitoring algorithms gives the XIV user new and extraordinary possibilities.



HPE NonStop systems

HPE NonStop systems are designed from scratch in critical environments that require constant business and 100% fault resistant. NonStop eliminates the risk of downtime while meeting high business needs, Online transaction processing and database requirements. The NonStop environment is now available for use in private clouds.

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The Dell EMC VMAX3TM processor family provides the most modern, scalable architecture for many controllers with unmatched consolidation and efficiency for the enterprise. Thanks to completely redesigned hardware and software, the VMAX 100K, 200K and 400K storages provide unprecedented performance and scalability. Ranging from a single VMAX 100K motor to an 8-motor VMAX 400K, these improved storages offer a radical performance increase.





The figure shows the overall front and rear views of the basic 951 model. The model includes new standard disc enclosures (No. 1 in Figure) that support 24 drives in a 2U chassis (height).The figure shows the overall front and rear views of the basic 951 model. The model includes new standard disc housings (No. 1 in Figure) that support 24 drives in a 2U chassis.

The back of the model includes power supplies for mass storage enclosures and FCIC cards (No. 1 in fig.) (FCIC cards on top, power supplies on the bottom).

POWER7 + ™ servers (No. 2 in the figure) contain a processor and memory for all functions of the DS8800.


The basic model also provides I / O (no. 3 in the drawing), power supply and cooling, and space for 15 sets of disk drives. (16 disks for each set). In the maximum configuration, the basic model can hold 240 disks (15 sets x 16 disks = 240 disks).

I / O enclosures provide connectivity between adapters and processors. Adapters that are included in I / O enclosures can be device adapters (DA) or host adapters (HA). The communication path, which is used for comprehensive communication between the adapter and the processor on the DS8800, consists of four eight-band (x8) PCIe Generation-2 slots.


The power area contains two battery backup units (BBUs) (No. 4 in fig.). This configuration applies to bidirectional and quadruple systems.

The main power supplies (PPSs) (No. 5 in Fig.) are located on the side of the model. They provide a redundant distribution of 208V DC power per rack to convert an AC input into DC. Processor nodes, I / O drawers, and standard disc cases have dual power supplies, which are connected with units (No. 6 in Fig.) of the cabinet power distribution. Power and cooling are integrated into the standard drive enclosures.

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