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IBM z Mainframes

The most advanced systems for clients requiring the highest computing power.

  • IBM z800, z9, z10, z114, z196, z12, z13

IBM eServer and zSeries corporate servers, or successors of the IBM S / 390 Parallel Enterprise Server, is the family of the most efficient and advanced computing Z-systems. IBM is currently the only Mainframe server manufacturer, developing this technology for over 36 years. These devices are designed to process large amounts of data of key importance for the company's operations. Reliability of Mainframe systems reaches the level of 99.999% (downtime up to 5 minutes in a year). IBM eServer, zSeries is a multi-application server, balancing the use of processor resources, memory and bandwidth of input / output channels. In contrast to PC and UNIX servers, Mainframe provides the ability to connect servers, translating into even greater reliability and application performance. Currently, approximately 70% of corporate data is processed on mainframe servers.



up to 80,000 million instructions per second


full hardware redundancy, almost zero downtime


the possibility of purchasing equipment along with additional licenses ensuring cooperation with such systems as LINUX


the possibility of systems integration to support one application

  • Scalability

    It is possible to expand with the growth of the enterprise's needs

  • Cluster

    The best server clustering technique (Parallel Sysplex)

  • Efficiency

    Support for many thousands of concurrently working users

  • Easy-to-use

    User interface in the form of an internet browser and / or terminal session


Processors made in 64-bit CMOS technology

No critical points of failure (single point of failure)

Automatic checking and correction of each processor, backup processors, dynamically and automatically reconfigurable

Dynamic configuration and reconfiguration of the I / O subsystem, high bandwidth of the I / O subsystem

ECC memory correction and its dynamic reconfiguration, ECC correction of CPU cache and system bus

Redundant power supply, cooling, parallel servicing and expansion

Sophisticated protection of operating memory areas

Hardware support for essential DB2 database functions

Cryptographic coprocessors, certified coprocessors of hardware data compression

Full support for the calculations of IEEE floating point standard

Dynamically configurable and reconfigurable logical partitions with full reconfiguration of I / O ports and memory

Clustering up to 32 servers in the Parallel Sysplex architecture

The possibility of full, internal simulation of the parallel sysplex

Automatic, dynamic management of server hardware resources depending on given business priorities (Workload Manager)

Full support of LAN / WAN networks

Simple extension paths within existing server models.