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High-volume printing systems

The printing system using advanced InfoPrint® functions evolves to meet the requirements of digital publishers and transaction printers. The monochrome printer, printing on continuous paper, produces high-quality image and text, usually only available for printing devices on cut sheets, for a wide range of paper types. The InfoPrint 4100 also provides one of the fastest speeds currently available in electrophotographic printers, allowing you to increase production, by engaging fewer devices, with less operator working time.

  • IBM/RICOH Infoprint Solutions
  • IBM 4100/4000 Series
  • IBM 6500

IBM InfoPrint

By printing lists, marketing materials or publications, you can reduce operating costs at the speed and flexibility of printing using perforated and non-perforated applications. Printers can use the InfoPrint 4100 to reduce the cost of printing small books or technical manuals. Companies dealing with advertising sent by traditional mail and service offices can reduce costs by using a wide range of paper weights. The MICR function increases productivity, enabling all applications to run on the same production platform, with maximum throughput.

Main features:

  • The printer offers commercial printing, image enhancement and high-speed models with a new composition,
  • Quality optimization thanks to intelligent halftone switching,
  • Increased use and cost reduction based on statistics obtained with the InfoPrint Productivity Tracker software,
  • Industry-leading size quality at 600 dpi ensures high standards for precision marketing materials, business publications, books and advertising materials sent by traditional mail,
  • Increased efficiency thanks to the InfoPrint POWER Controller ™ 2 controller, performing parallel multi-RIP processing and color emulation,
  • Printing sheets with three pages at a wider format (paper width 495.3 mm, print width up to 483 mm), which can reduce the cost of printing,
  • The printer is equipped with a universal paper control sensor that can increase the operator's efficiency by aligning the paper using a pre-printed object.

*Speed depends on the printer settings, document complexity, system configuration, software, system environment, driver status and printer. In the illustrations, the printer can be presented with additional functions installed, offered at an additional cost. For more information, contact us or your distributor's sales representative.

1 The terms "fed with perforation" and "without perforation" can be used in the documentation interchangeable with the terms "fed by tractor" and "fed without a tractor".
2 POWER is a trademark of International Business Machines Corporation in the United States and / or other countries.